Skin Care Awareness

Skin Care Awareness

Anybody who’s been living in Australia for some time now knows the importance of looking after your skin. This includes daily activities such as moisturising and applying sunscreen before going out in the sun. Statistics show an alarming increase in the amount of people diagnosed with preventable skin afflictions.

In an attempt to raise the awareness Maria Island Ferry will be holding it’s annual skin care awareness cruise around the bay of Maria Island. The event will play host to a number of renowned speakers from around the world, demonstrating the latest breakthroughs in skincare technology.

Industry leaders will be demonstrating products such as ZetaClear known for it’s ability to clear up nail fungus in a matter of weeks. The solution goes deep into to the source of the problem, attacking the very nail fungus at it’s source. No longer will you need to wait months to see results, all spend countless hours brushing on Solutions that offered no real results.

Other industry-leading guest speaker’s including James Throw will be on hand to demonstrate new technology developed to help people unable to walk due to severe blistering. Firstly a tropical solution is applied directly to the affected area soothing pain and redness. A newly developed laser then treats the affected area cutting back recovery time buy half.

Sara La Finn is back this year with another award-winning breakthrough in her treatment of teen acne. Her new solution draws out the unwanted sweat and dirt that gets trapped within the pores of your skin. After cleansing the area with a cotton ball and solution, the user is left with a refreshed sensation. When applied daily the new solution prevents outbreaks from occurring.

There have also been amazing breakthroughs in the area of hair removal. No longer will you need to spend hours in front of a basin with dangerous razors that often do more harm than good. A new home based laser technology is set to revolutionize the way we deal with unwanted hair. Creams are effective when applied to areas of the skin that contain thin hair. Most creams however struggle when dealing with thicker hair. The laser technology developed for in home use tackles all areas in a safe yet cost-effective manner.

Kick back and relax as is 3 day cruise takes you around some of the best scenery of Maria Bay. The cruise will doc at several tourist attractions to allow you to get off the stretch the legs. We will be stopping at attractions such as GrassNoida winery known for it’s assortment of fine Reds. Will also be stopping off at Batemans Bay restaurant known for it’s culinary arts. No cruise of Maria Bay Island would be complete without a visit to the glass blowers where you’ll be introduced to how artisans blow glass.

Included in your stay will be a free moisturising packs valued at $150 aimed keeping your skin in top condition. Tickets go on sale at start of the week starting from an introductory price of $375. If you are one of the first 10 people to purchase a ticket your accommodation will be upgraded at no extra cost.

Join us for our annual trip around the bay to raise awareness of how you might better look after your skin. You’ll need to be quick as tickets will sell out fast!