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How we Grind Coffee in a Blender to Save Space

A ferry’s kitchen as you can imagine can be a fairly crammed place. It has just enough space to store the bare necessities to keep the staff and passengers happy. Finding appliances that can serve duel roles is curtail! A blender that grinds coffee beans was a real bonus, and this is how we do it.

The Magic Bullet was introduced to consumers in the mid-1960s. Its popularity has not waned. Magic Bullet remains an appliance that must be in every kitchen. It is a great little blender that fits on any countertop.

Using it helps individuals add a more nutritious component to their daily meals. Both frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables can be blended to create delicious smoothies, soups, whipped desserts, and so much more.

Frozen ice can be added to the Magic Bullet to make special cocktail drinks. Since ice can be grounded up by the Magic Bullet, does this mean that dry ingredients like coffee grounds can also be used? The answer is yes!

Making a comforting cup of fresh ground coffee is made easy with the Magic Bullet Blender. This great kitchen appliance works by attaching blade attachments to a specific size cup. You receive a tall cup that holds 24 ounces and a short cup that holds 12 ounces. Turn the fitted cups upside down on top of the base.

The cups will be locked into securely into the Magic Bullet base. The base features a motor that turns the blade inside the cup. You apply pressure to the locked top of the Magic Bullet so that the blade continues to spin.

Even though the Magic Bullet Blender is compact in size, it rates high as a portable high-speed blender. It features a powerful motor at 250 watts. Its sharp blades are the best in technology for crushing, blending, and grinding.

Magic Bullet comes equipped with two different types of blades – cross and flat. Using the cross blade gives you evenly chopped fruits and veggies. The cross blade will also help you puree, grind small amounts of meat, and will help crush small frozen ice and other frozen food products.

The Magic Bullet flat blade finely grinds and chops various types of dry ingredients. Your coffee beans are considered a dry ingredient that works very well using the Magic Bullet. Consumers using fresh ground coffee beans have found that the beans should be ground in short bursts.

Grind the right amount of beans in 4-second bursts so that the coffee beans retain their organic flavor and aroma. Coffee aficionados understand that if you over-ground your coffee beans correctly, then your coffee will develop a bitter taste.

Coffee drinkers like their ground coffee according to their preferential tastes. Some like coffee brewed from medium, coarse, or finely grounded beans. Your Magic Bullet blender can easily produce the right coffee brew that you desire.

Step By Step To Follow:

The Magic Bullet blender is the perfect appliance to use so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee blends. Today’s blenders like the Magic Bullet help you prepare foods and drinks whenever you want to.

Magic Bullet helps coffee drinkers to keep the consistency in the grinding of coffee beans to its natural fresh flavor. When you place your coffee seeds in the Magic Bullet, you will help keep its natural oils and flavor intact for a smoother cup of coffee.

Remember to grind the beans in small batches for individual cups. Using small batches of coffee beans for grinding helps to keep the Magic Bullet blender from running to long and hot.

The longer that the beans spin, the higher the temperature inside the unit will increase. When the swirling and blade temperature rises, it harshly affects the coffee beans, rendering them with a bitter flavor.


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